Invitation to the final conference
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Conference - 31 May - 02 June
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Covid19 a dat liber dăunătorilor în agricultură? 10 stații de control al insectelor blocate, la Timișoara
Zece stații de control al migrației insectelor în agricultura din Timiș au fost blocate la Timișoara de către pandemia de Covid19 de la începutul lunii martie și nu mai pot fi montate în zece zone din județ. Instalațiile trebuiau montate în Timișoara, Liebling, Parța, Giulvăz, Ionel, Foieni, Cenei, Deta, Cărpiniș şi Checea. O stație costă […]

Project Activities

1. Activity A.T1.1 - Training 1 RO „The use of climate measurement stations“

Timis County in 3 days. There will be 20 participants (10 from Serbia and 10 from Romania), selected from representing the local authorities, future operators, responsible for the use of meteorological stations.

2. Activity A.T1.2 - Training 1 RS „Analysis and use of meteorological factors in purpose of environment protection“

This training is addressed to research, water management and environmental protection institutions. 20 representatives of those institutions, from both sides of the border will participate in this activity, which is organized in Zrenjanin for 3 days.

3. Activity A.T1.3 - Installation and activating the weather and clima monitoring system

Achievement of the weather and clima monitoring system will supposes more steps. Firstly, a meteo - station network (10 stations in RO and 10 stations in RS), will be developed. In addition a specific soil sensors will be procured and installed.

4. Activity A.T1.4 - Installation and activating the insect migration monitoring system

For controlling and monitoring the insect migration an network of pheromone traps (20 positions in Ro and 20 positions in RS) will be developed.

5. Activity A.T1.5 - Installation and activating the insect migration monitoring system

The main objective of this activity is to integrate monitoring parts (weather and clime, soil and insect migration) in an active and dynamic system.

6. Activity A.T1.6 –ScientificConference„IntegratedSolutionsregarding EnvironmentProtection byPreventing andReducing agroindustrialpollution

This conference gathers 40 scientists from Danube countries, acting in environmental protection and other areas tangent to ecology. They will present 30 scientific papers in Zrenjanin with the topic of the conference generic.

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