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Conference - 31 May - 02 June
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Covid19 a dat liber dăunătorilor în agricultură? 10 stații de control al insectelor blocate, la Timișoara
Zece stații de control al migrației insectelor în agricultura din Timiș au fost blocate la Timișoara de către pandemia de Covid19 de la începutul lunii martie și nu mai pot fi montate în zece zone din județ. Instalațiile trebuiau montate în Timișoara, Liebling, Parța, Giulvăz, Ionel, Foieni, Cenei, Deta, Cărpiniș şi Checea. O stație costă […]

Partners description


• Grad Zrenjanin (City of Zrenjanin)
• Biggest city in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, with around 120 thousand inhabitants and over 20 nations living in it, and an administrative territory of 1,326 km2.
• Finalized over 20 project on Greenfield investments with foreign and domestic companies, to the value of over EUR 400 million.
• 10 Trg slobode, 23101, Zrenjanin (Becicherecul Mare)
• Home Page:
• Agricultural Expertise Zrenjanin d.o.o. established in 1956
• Research work
• Pedological research and design in the field of irrigation
• Health control of seeds and seed material
• Quality control of agricultural products
• Control of the insect migration
• Scientific and educational institutions connections:
(Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad,
Research Institute in Zemun – Polje, Institute for Application Science in Agriculture in Belgrade, etc.


• Politehnica University Timisoara
• Established in 1920, shortly after the union of Romanian territories, in a European context marked by the redefinition of states and by the aftermath of World War I
• The structure of Politehnica University Timisoara includes:
◦ 10 faculties with 13,500 students in average;
◦ 25 departments;
◦ 700 teachers;
◦ 500 auxiliary and administrative personnel
• UPT, by its strategy, is interested to became a strong regional performer in development and promoting of new technologies, environment protection and biodiversity preservation
• University proposes increasing its implication in non-formal education activities in cross-border area, approached as important base for future knowledge society
• Politehnica University Timisoara has a rich experience in European Union project management (mobilization of participants, exchange of experience, giving reports)
• Related to Romanian-Serbian cross-border area, Politehnica University Timisoara participated to the implementation of many projects co-financed from European funds.
• No.1 Mihai Viteazu Avenue, 300222, Timisoara
• Home Page:
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